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Bring your remote team together with real team presence, automated selfie photos, simple 1 click video calls and see their status throughout the day.

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“AirOffice made our remote workers feel part of the team”

See who’s available

AirOffice lets you see the faces of the people you work with throughout the day, giving you real presence, improving company culture and team bulding!

Daily statistics about your team presence

AirOffice takes your office presence by incrementally updating a snapshot and with intuitive face recognition can tell who is and isn't at their desk. No more transferring calls to an empty desk.

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Ideal for distributed team on different time zones

Less emails, less calendar meeting, no more zoom link to share in chat. Re-descover the pleasure of working together from remote as you were in the same office room.

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Daily Standups

We unite and connect your team using daily short video & voice clips in the Instagram Stories style.

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